Move to Manila

I’ve been reading my grandfather’s stories more closely, looking up place names on Google Maps and searching for images to give me a sense of the spaces and distances involved during his family’s numerous moves during the war years. All I can say is that it couldn’t have been easy for my great-grandparents, travelling with small children, avoiding heaven-knows-what dangers, staying with relatives and trying to make your home with them, only to pull up roots yet again. Perhaps this is why my grandfather and his siblings were so close-knit — and still are.

It was also here that my sister Chita and I returned to school, elementary grades at Balagtas Elementary1  in Santa Cruz.

But soon after, my Father decided that Pagsanjan, in Laguna, would be a better place to live out the war.

Next: Pagsanjan, a.k.a. Little Las Vegas

1This school exists today, and has a website.


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