The words not spoken

We all have a long list of things we wish we’d never said. I must confess I never gave the flip side much thought before, but I’m starting to realize that my list of things I wish I did say is equally long.

What got me thinking about the things I wish I did take the time or muster the courage to say? I read about this website that was started up quite recently by a young woman named Jackie Hooper. It’s called The Things You Would Have Said, and Vancouver Sun writer Shelly Fralic calls it “a dignified website” that offers people “a chance to say the things they always meant to say, to loved ones and to strangers.”

I’ve read some of the posted letters. They contain words of love, appreciation, gratitude, kindness, apology. Some of them are poignant, even painfully sad. Yet I find the whole idea strangely and wonderfully inspiring. There is a lesson to be learned from every letter, every story of regret and lost chances on Hooper’s website.

Perhaps there is nothing much we can do about the past, and there’s no controlling the future…but we can make the present moment count. And if that means getting a chance to say the right words to someone who needs to hear them, then by all means let’s seize it with both hands.


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