5 reasons to say yes to secondhand

Secondhand September starts tomorrow! It’s an initiative by @oxfamgb to challenge consumers to buy only secondhand for 30 days—and hopefully beyond. I know that this is already a habit for many people, but for others, it requires a real effort to shift from the attitude that brand-new is best. Sometimes it is, but more often than not, … Continue reading 5 reasons to say yes to secondhand

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you fantastic dads! Here is a little something I wrote to honour mine, who is no longer with us.I recently read (for the first time) a couple of journals my dad kept in the late eighties. They are full of memories. Some of them I remember and a lot of … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Spring gardens

Sometimes I think that heaven must be like a sunny spring day in British Columbia. And if it is, then the heart of heaven must be like the Butchart Gardens. The first and only other time I visited this beautiful spot was 20-odd years ago. So I'm very grateful to my friend Maureen for taking … Continue reading Spring gardens