From the family album

This is my mom’s mom, Alice, who left us 19 years ago today. One of my personal style icons, she was always very elegant, but at the same time disliked having her photo taken, and so many of the ones I could find are candid. The first photo, as you can tell, was taken on … Continue reading From the family album

What I learned from the “Style Me April” challenge

I actually felt a little lost this morning—I didn’t know what to put on! For the past 30 days, the Style Me April challenge has saved me from my morning “What do I wear?” dilemma. At first I was afraid that the daily themes would make me feel constrained, but instead they fired up my … Continue reading What I learned from the “Style Me April” challenge

Spring gardens

Sometimes I think that heaven must be like a sunny spring day in British Columbia. And if it is, then the heart of heaven must be like the Butchart Gardens. The first and only other time I visited this beautiful spot was 20-odd years ago. So I'm very grateful to my friend Maureen for taking … Continue reading Spring gardens

Sugar shacking

When I was about eight years old, my grandparents came back to Manila from Vancouver for Christmas, and they gave me the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder as a present. I loved them — partly because they had such good eating in them, and also because they described daily life in a mileu that was totally … Continue reading Sugar shacking