Preserved lemons

This summer I'm using two methods to preserve lemons. One involves boiling the lemon pieces and then preserving them in oil, which is a great way to use your lemon rinds instead of discarding them. You can keep them in the fridge and add slivers of lemon to all your dishes, as I'm doing today … Continue reading Preserved lemons

Puréed soups

I was never a big fan of soup....until recently. Turns out that it's very easy to make and makes a comforting, nourishing, satisfying entrée, snack, side dish or even main meal. It's also a great way to eat your vegetables! Here are two recipes I've made in the last few weeks using two of my … Continue reading Puréed soups

Ube jam

One of my favourite treats as a child growing up in the Philippines was the ube halaya (jam) from the Good Shepherd convent in Baguio. Anything flavoured with ube is generally delicious – ice cream, cake, cookies — but to me, the best way to enjoy it is simply by the spoonful, straight from the … Continue reading Ube jam