My childhood was the original Fear Factor

contributed to The Globe and Mail, Facts and Arguments Some time ago I read that iodine and alcohol are not recommended for treating cuts and scrapes because they can be quite caustic on raw, broken skin. This major scientific discovery came a few years too late for me. My mother used copious amounts of both … Continue reading My childhood was the original Fear Factor

What is a mistake?

For months I’ve been puzzling over the question, sometimes until my head hurt. I’ve read books on the psychology of mistakes, journalistic mistakes, life-altering mistakes, history-changing mistakes. I’ve listened to stories people have told me about the mistakes they believe they’ve made, and for their courage and honesty I will be forever grateful. Still, after … Continue reading What is a mistake?

Language lessons

An edited version of this essay was published under the title "Found in translation" in the June–July 2013 issue of Verily Magazine. One can say of language that it is potentially the only human home, the only dwelling place that cannot be hostile to man. ~ John Berger Soon after I moved from to Montréal from Vancouver last fall, … Continue reading Language lessons